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Direct-To-Vinyl Live Session #0046: Reed Turchi

Direct-To-Vinyl Live Session #0046: Reed Turchi

$ 25.00

Memphis's Reed Turchi was in NYC on tour and swung through the studio for a marathon of a Direct-To-Vinyl Office Session.  Leading up to his session, we offered a pre-sale to his fans and Reed allowed them to pick the song he would cut...either a Reed Turchi original or a cover song of their choice.  

And amazingly, we had a few extra minutes so we decided to cut 3 extra Reed originals:

"Sawzall" (take 1)
"Do You For You" (take 2)
"Meet Me In The City" (take 1)

Our limited edition lathe cut record releases are made on a modified antique record cutting lathe from the 1950's. Each record is handmade, one at a time, in real time, by a real person.

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