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CONGRATULATIONS!  You are about to hold in your hand a Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions recording.  Your lathe cut record will be made at our studio in Brooklyn, NY, and the music in the grooves will be performed by the artist specifically for you.  There will be no other copies or versions of this recording anywhere in the world.  A very special thing!

SO, WHAT'S A LATHE-CUT RECORD ANYWAY?  Our lathe cut records are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and cut individually live in realtime, on an antique record cutting lathe.

WILL THIS PLAY ON MY TURNTABLE?  Yes, of course!  Lathe cut records tend to perform better though with extra weight to the stylus.  So for optimum playback, increase your counterweight setting just a little.

HOW WILL IT SOUND?  The fidelity of a lathe cut record is different than a vinyl pressing.  There may be pops and cracks, particularly at the start of these lo-fi recordings.  As the groove is cut into the vinyl instead of pressed, there can be tiny particles of residue from the lathing process.  It's easily remedied though by wiping the record with a damp cloth or brushing with an antistatic record brush.  A good wipe or brush and a couple of plays will actually improve the sound quality of the record.  Also, because the groove is slightly wider than a conventional pressing, it is possible to place the stylus only partially within it, resulting in incorrect playback.  It may take a couple of attempts to properly seat the stylus in the groove. 

WHY IS IT IN MONO?  Because mono is cool.