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Emily joined the Leesta Vall team as an intern in May 2018. There, she has been working on several marketing-related projects. She is also currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Arts Management from Suny Purchase. Emily is a passionate musician and artist, and hopes to use her knowledge to pursue a career helping people through the arts. That’s partly why she was so drawn to Leesta Vall- “ exists for the music, the records, and connections between artists and their listeners.”

“Leesta Vall emphasizes one of the reasons I’ve always loved vinyl; having a physical record in your hands forces you to take the time to really listen to music and allows you to hear it in a different way. I hope to get more people engaged with us, and show them how Leesta Vall brings the focus back to raw music in a completely unique way.”

Emily has been playing music since early in her childhood, beginning with piano and saxophone. When she’s not at Leesta Vall, Emily goes to class, works on campus, and also loves to help her friends and colleagues with marketing strategies for various projects involving theater and music.

Aside from many marketing initiatives that Emily has overseen, she has also assisted on the following Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions