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Label Founder, Principal Session Producer
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Aaron got started with music early on, and has a deep appreciation for the arts, though music has meant the most to him. He toured and released records as a performer from his teens until his thirties. And when his time as a performing artist had concluded, he founded Leesta Vall Sound Recordings on the back of what would become the label’s main focus, Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions.

“These direct-to-vinyl recordings are like audio polaroids. They are the polar opposite of an MP3. The fact that every record we ship is literally a one-of-a-kind sets us apart in the marketplace. But more importantly, it creates a product that fans can really cherish. Imagine your all-time favorite band cutting a performance of your favorite song directly to a vinyl record. And then knowing you have the only copy that exists in the world. That’s pretty special.”

Aaron is our principal session producer, and also manages day-to-day label operations. He feeds the label with his heart and soul, and continues to foster the brand and studio, helping it to grow and expand.
 When he’s not at work, Aaron enjoys record store hunts, college football, bourbon, and being at home with his wife and pup, Henry.

Aaron has produced the following Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions: