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The elusive Red Star label....Once in a blue moon we'll be lucky enough to capture a performance that is just so good...too good to let it pass without some acknowledgement that what we've just witnessed was truly extraordinary.  The takes when the artists look at each other during the performance and know something special is happening.  The ones that we can still remember months later.  The performances that capture pure and raw, emotion, cohesion, spontaneity.

A red star on the label means within those grooves lies something really magical, something the artists should be especially proud of, and something the owner of that record should cherish forever.

LVOS315 // Brianna Nelson // "Charlotte Grace (take 1)
LVOS221  //  Nialand //  "All About Love (take 14)

LVOS148  //  Freddy & Francine // "What Did You Do (With My Love)" (take 2)

LVOS142  //  5J Barrow  //  "Sarah Brown" (take 2)
LVOS120  //  The Yeahtones  //  "Son Of A Gun" (take 3)
LVOS106  //  Todd Carey  //  "Dead And Gone" (take 1)
LVOS093  //  Drew Angus  //  "Still No Fire" (take 2)