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Make money w/ NO COSTS whatsoever.

Ultra unique merch for your fans.

Create your recordings from home.

Artists have bills to pay!  And in a pandemic, where other revenue streams like touring have been decimated, it's a challenging time for musicians all over the world.

Create one-of-a-kind custom made vinyl records for your fans from the safety of your home.  NO COST to artists whatsoever, you can only make money with Shut-In Sessions.

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A preorder campaign page will be created and artists will promote using website, email lists, socials, texting, etc for a period of one to two weeks, at which time the preorder campaign will close. There is no minimum sales requirement for the records to be cut.


Upon conclusion of the preorder campaign, Artists will record new and individual performances for each preorder, complete with a message to the fan in the audio using recording equipment they have in their home. Simple/crude recording setups are just fine! These recordings do not need to be master quality, but should each be individual and specific for each person who places a preorder.

Part of the charm (aside from being on vinyl, of course) is that they are not pristine studio recordings.  We're just capturing a moment in time in it's rawest form,  from where you're quarantined, specifically for each fan who orders.  The fact that these recordings come from the artist's bedrooms, bathrooms, backyards, etc. is part of what makes them so unique!


Artists will send their recordings to us, and upon delivery, each will be cut to it's own individual lathe cut vinyl record, making it a truly one-of-kind musical artifact. And finally, the records are shipped to their customers.


Each record sells for $30 (+ shipping). They cost $10 in supplies, leaving a profit of $20 which is split 50/50 ($10/$10) with the artist.  Artists are paid as soon as audio has been delivered to the studio.

In addition to your preorders, you'll also have the opportunity to cut additional records at a wholesale price of $20.  These are the records you'll sell to fans at shows, use for giveaways, etc. Your preorder royalty will be put towards these wholesale cuts, should you choose to take any.