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Field Recordings FAQ

Leesta Vall Direct-To-Vinyl Field Recordsings take place at live music venues, house concerts, record stores, or anywhere a crowd is gathering to hear a live musical performance.  We record each song from the show directly to it's own 7" vinyl record, and make these records available for sale directly afterward.  Field recordings are coordinated in advance with the show's artist, venue, promoter or host. 




  • Can I purchase more copies of my Field Recording later?
    No.  Each performance is cut live in realtime on a vintage record cutting lathe.  Thus, there is no way to cut more than one copy per performance.  Each one is truly a one-of-a-kind!  If you'd like to like to have multiple records to sell or give away to fans/friends, check out our Office Sessions program

  • Is there a digital copy?
    Nope.  Since Field Recording performances are cut live in realtime using a vintage record cutting lathe (that is NOT a computer) there is no way for us to provide a digital version of the performance.  These records are more special because there is no digital file.  Besides, if you want an MP3 of your band, you don't need us, you can record that yourself in your own basement, right?

  • I'm an event coordinator.  How can I book a Field Recording?
    Go here.