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Session Producer

Gules started her career with Leesta Vall as an intern during her senior year at SUNY Purchase where she studied Studio Composition. After graduating with her bachelors in music, Gules became a full-time session producer. Since her start in December of 2019, Gules has produced 285 sessions and counting, working with renowned artists such as ‘Moon Hooch’ ‘Lady Lamb’ and ‘Pom Pom Squad.’

Along with her production work at Leesta Vall, Gules is known for her technical songwriting skills and clever musical compositions. Gules works in many composing mediums including songwriting, scoring to picture, video game audio, foley and audio story telling/podcasts.

Some of Gules’ most notable works include:
- Composing for the podcast series, ‘take care now’ on the episode: ’Robert Jones - One on One With God.’  
- Foley and Audio editing on the short film: ’Tater Tots and Truancy’ 
- Solo artist single: ‘Upstairs’ which has been praised by Indie Music magazine ‘Music for Misfits.’ 

Gules has reached outstanding songwriting achievements for her solo artist work under the name: ‘GULES’ including the NY Songwriters Circle Outstanding Songwriter Grant and was named a Finalist in the NYC Coffee Music Competition for her song ‘65th Street.’

Gules lives to create and collaborate with music. She enjoys every second of her sessions at Leesta Vall and is so grateful to learn and continue practicing such a creative and unique recording medium. Gules is eager to continue her career at Leesta Vall and develop her lathe cutting craft!

Gules has assisted the following Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions: