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Session Producer
Find Delaney's band, Pandafan HERE

Delaney joined Leesta Vall in February 2018 as an intern, began apprenticing in that Spring, and by late May was cutting sessions herself. Now she continues to create records alongside the musicians that come in.

When she’s not at Leesta Vall, or listening to the Staves, Delaney writes, performs, and records her own material.  She’s been making music for as long as she can remember, and has always known she wanted a career as a musician. Her Bachelors of Music in Studio Production and Bachelors of the Arts in Arts Management, both from SUNY Purchase, have helped her grow with Leesta Vall as well as progress her own music. 

Delaney hopes that the artists who come in have a relaxed and positive experience so they can give their best performances to their friends and fans.  “[Leesta Vall] is truly the only place making live performances directly to vinyl, and it’s also mutually beneficial for the artists who come in. It’s not run like a typical studio in any way.”

Aside from music, Delaney enjoys working on embroidery and textile arts, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Keeping focus in the arts, she also volunteers/works for OCEAN Arts, a nonprofit organization that brings theater to her low-income hometown on Long Island. Delaney has also been involved with Gender Amplified, whose mission is spotlighting women working in music production. 

Delaney has produced the following Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions: