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Studio Expansion

Published by label founder, Aaron Zimmer. 

Our studio has grown this month.  We've put a ton of thought and energy into making this the perfect little spaceship for our Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions.  Take a look.


HUMBLE BEGINNINGS. Back in February of 2017, I was running a small (but scrappy) booking agency.  I'd spent a couple of years learning how to actually cut the records, and hoped that capturing live performances directly to vinyl right there in my drab office might help break up my day which was otherwise filled with thousands of emails, spreadsheets, calendars, etc.  And it worked.  It was artful, and unique and really fun.  I called it Office Sessions, and the very first one was with my friend Jeff Taylor. (pictured left in my first office)

It wasn't long before I got kicked out of that office for making too much noise, and I moved to a production suite in the basement at the NY Studio Factory.  And as the business has grown, we've been able to lease more and more space here at NYSF, building out dedicated drum and amp rooms (not pictured above), a live room, and of course a control room.

Our team is growing too!  But more on that next time.

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