Show Trading Network Avails

Leesta Vall Artists Agency

Our agency books 1000+ shows across the US every year. We’re constantly on the lookout for great bands and artists that can join our roster bands in producing an amazing live show, and executing smart show promotion in a cooperative manner with other bands and the agency. If you’re interested in working with us on shows, both in your hometown and in other markets, we want to hear from you.

Once you’re in our network, you’ll receive periodic emails with show opportunities that we think would be a good fit for you. If you’re interested in a show, reply to our email and we’ll get the ball rolling. When you sign on to play and promote a show in your hometown with one of our roster acts, we’ll return that favor by getting you on a show outside your hometown where you can benefit from supporting a local band.

One hand washes the other. Its simple. Its free to you. And its so needed.

5.10.17Columbus, OHPark Street TavernLemon SkyInfo/Apply
5.11.17Cincinnati, OHThe Listing LoonBen StaletsInfo/Apply
5.18.17Winston-Salem, NCThe GarageLemon SkyInfo/Apply