Leesta Vall Sound Recordings: Blue Light Bandits 7″

Leesta Vall Artists Agency

Leesta Vall Sound Recordings: Blue Light Bandits 7″

LVSR-005 Blue Light Bandits

Leesta Vall Sound Recordings & Blue Light Bandits are thrilled to announce the label’s fifth lathe cut record release; a limited edition 7″ record featuring 2 brand new cuts from the New England based Groove Rock band.

Blue Light Bandits’ dual-song release of A Little Love / Mess You Make Me follows a complimentary recording session at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA courtesy of Converse RubberTracks. Side A’s “A Little Love” is a dynamic, feel-good pop/rock record with a dash of reggae and a sucker punch of blues. Side B’s “Mess You Make Me” shifts throughout between groovy and reflective, contrasting side A with a deeper atmosphere and more personal lyricism. The pair releases on February 26, 2016.

Blue Light Bandits is a 4-piece groove rock band from New England. The band released its first official recordings, The BLB Demo, in 2014 as a collection of original music recorded sporadically throughout its formative years. Demo was reviewed well throughout national indie publications and garnered praise for its “authentic sound that is soulful, timeless, and not without a fair amount of funk.” (Evensound, 2014)

Tracking for A Little Love / Mess You Make Me began in January 2015, but life threw some unexpected curveballs at the group that tested its solidity and perseverance throughout the year to follow, delaying completion of the project. A graduation, a return to good health for family and friends, and fellow Worcester native Ricky Duran’s permanent addition to the group launched BLB into its most productive year to date.

Marisa Parga’s original artwork used on this release depicts being lifted out of hardship, a theme also found in the lyrics of “A Little Love”. “Mess You Make Me” is one of BLB’s oldest original songs, and though recorded previously, manifests itself as a revised work on this release to show the band’s evolution of sound over the last half decade.