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Blog #03: Good vs Better

You’re working on your band’s upcoming tour. You’ve mapped out the routing, everyone in the band has the days off and you’re sending the emails, placing the calls, trying to get the dates booked up. You get a response from Good. Good’s offer is everything you need. You know Good’s[…]

Blog #02: Listening Rooms

“I want to play listening rooms, man” ¬† I want to book them too,¬†these wondrous places scattered across the country filled at all times with music loving merch-buyers, just sitting at their tables eagerly waiting for you to walk in the door so that they can take in every single[…]

Blog #01: The Polled Door

Today, for our very first blog post, I’d like to talk about a double edged sword known as The Polled Door. If you’re unfamiliar, the term is used to explain how an artist will be paid from a venue’s cover charges and other proceeds taken at the door.  A polled door means[…]