Blog #03: Good vs Better

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Blog #03: Good vs Better

You’re working on your band’s upcoming tour. You’ve mapped out the routing, everyone in the band has the days off and you’re sending the emails, placing the calls, trying to get the dates booked up.

You get a response from Good. Good’s offer is everything you need. You know Good’s room already. The terms, hospitality, etc., its all…well, good. You confirm it.  “Thanks Good!”

Then out of the blue, you get a response from Better. Better’s offer includes more money than you usually make. Better is giving you a hotel room. Better’s sound & lights are (you guessed it) better. But Better’s offer is for the same day is your show at Good.

What do you do?  Should you cancel your show at Good to take the one at Better? Or stick with Good?

99 times out of 100, we stick with Good.

Are you really losing money by passing on Better’s offer? Presumably Good won’t love it when you cancel.  It is after all, not the right thing to do.  It’s one thing to back out on a date because you’re sick, and another to cancel because a prettier girl asked you out.

Are you blowing it with Good…for good?

Biting the hand that feeds you is no way to play the long game.

13932669_10209374849904227_4872987637957438194_nThis post is from:
Aaron Zimmer
Founder/Agent, Leesta Vall Artists Agency