Blog #02: Listening Rooms

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Blog #02: Listening Rooms

“I want to play listening rooms, man”  

I want to book them too, these wondrous places scattered across the country filled at all times with music loving merch-buyers, just sitting at their tables eagerly waiting for you to walk in the door so that they can take in every single note.  Sounds amazing (and also partially fictional).  And while there are a few of these utopian venues out there, a tour for the non-marquee-value artist is likely going to have more taverns, sports bars, brunch gigs, etc.

The thing is, any room can be a listening room.  When the show is really good, it doesn’t matter what else is going on in the bar.  Doesn’t matter what game is on the TV, doesn’t matter how loud the crowd is.  When your show is the best thing that’s happening in the room, people will engage.  They’ll sing along, they’ll applaud, they’ll buy your merch.  They will listen.

It isn’t the audience’s job to be captive.  Its the artist’s job to be captivating.

13932669_10209374849904227_4872987637957438194_nThis post is from:
Aaron Zimmer
Founder/Agent, Leesta Vall Artists Agency

Photo Info: Inside The Listening Room, Nashville, TN

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  1. Seth Adam - March 26, 2017 1:41 pm

    “It isn’t the audience’s job to be captive. Its the artist’s job to be captivating.”

    This is SO true. It’s not always easy, and sometimes one can be Jesus Christ himself up there playing the sweetest songs and no one will pay attention. But generally speaking, do the best you can – be as engaging as you can. Otherwise, one is just setting himself/herself up for guaranteed failure.