We The Fierce

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We The Fierce

We The Fierce was an inevitability. Guitarist, Jay Langston and drummer, Dixie Duncan have already written, recorded and toured extensively together in the successful, nationally touring band, Echovalve (Rockridge Records, Warped Tour)

Both Langston (Echovalve, Langston & Co.) and Duncan (Echovalve, Eye Empire, Dixie Duncan, The Dreaded Marco, The Dixie Duncan Band) have been writing, recording and playing behind their respective solo projects. Langston & Co has been building steam in Chicago, while Dixie has been touring the U.S. religiously.

We The Fierce is raw, yet polished, both aggressive and delicate. As a two-piece rock band, what appears to be a limitation is actually a strength. The music is tight, fluff free and honest. Both Langston and Duncan are seasoned performers, offering a stimulating visual show to support a sound that seems much bigger than just 2 people. Jay Langston weaves groovy riffs underneath simple, catchy vocal melodies while Dixie Duncan drives the duo with dynamic percussion and spot-on harmonies. Rock and roll is not dead. It is alive and well, and We The Fierce fully embodies the spirit of rock and roll.

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