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Hollywood Blanks

Hollywood Blanks is an indie-rock quartet from Baltimore. The band formed in Winter, 2012, released their first EP in May, 2013, and are releasing their first full length album Summer 2015.

Hollywood Blanks grabs the audience with an infectious energy and spontaneity that has bled into the fabric of their freshman album, Projections. Each song builds upon deliberate and thoughtful lyrics with a strong sense of melody that often features ambient bass and synth tones, retro organ sounds, sonorous drums and a characteristically dark and gritty electric guitar.

The band takes inspiration from woodstock era music, nineties grunge, and atmospheric psych-rock while also dipping into swing, punk, folk, and low-slung country. They combine these elements to push the antes of genre and feel, with furious dynamic shifts, bold harmonies, and sweeping textural changes along the way.

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